What’s a Scrivener and Why You Need One:

In ancient times, a Legal Scrivener served a very important role. Almost no one could read or write, let alone write things in the proper format to turn into a king, a ruler, or the court system beneath them. A Legal Scrivener or Scribe helped the general public interact with agencies they did not understand how to interact with. This is what we do for you.

Granted, it’s a little bit different today. Instead of writing on a scroll or to a king on your behalf, we serve as your liaison with California governing agencies. We receive your business mail, scan it, and upload it to your secure online account. And we list our permanent commercial business address on your public filings, establishing the stability of your business. Oh, and of course, as local registered agents, we’re experts in California business formation and maintenance.

As your California registered agent, we are your modern era Scrivener.

Stop Worrying About Service of Process &
Focus on Your Business

When you hire California Legal Scriveners as your registered agent for service of process, you never have to worry about missing legal correspondence, court notifications and service of process. These documents come to our registered office, and we upload them into your digital account the same day we receive them. You get notified immediately.

You have a business to run. Let us worry about service of process, annual report deadlines, and Secretary of State filings.

More Than Just a Registered Agent

We do more than simply provide registered agent service. We help your California company maintain statutory compliance in a number of ways, from annual and biennial report reminders to business mail uploading to compliance filing services.

As Scriveners, we also provide a wide range of California business filing services:

  • LLC and Corporation Formation
  • Statement of Information Filing
  • EIN
  • Apostille
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Change Agent
  • DBA*

*Available in your account as “Trade Name Service”

If you are starting a business, we can also provide you with custom meeting minutes, operating agreement, bylaws, shareholder/member certificates, corporate book and seal, and more.

In addition to traditional Scrivener services, we offer the following California business services:

  • Business Address
  • Business Domains
  • Business Websites
  • Business Email Addresses
  • Business Phone Service

Pay a Lawyer or Hire a Scrivener?

You know how to write and read, but starting a business or registering with the Republic of California is not something you do every day. It’s a little foreign to even the most seasoned attorneys. We’re here to help and make sure it’s done right for a reasonable price.

  • If you hire a lawyer, they will need to charge you a lot, and all they will do is pass off your work to a paralegal (like us), a legal assistant, or the front desk receptionist. Basically a lawyer will use modern day Scriveners to do your work and need to charge you a lot more. A lawyer will always be focused on legal work, and being a California registered agent isn’t legal work, it’s Scrivener work. It’s being here during business hours, and paying attention to all the details so that legal documents are processed with 100% accuracy.
  • If you hire a website, odds are most of them are just websites. Folks that made good software and are smart at marketing and figured out registered agent service was a good thing to sell. Even the worlds largest registered agent, sub-contracts with local representatives like us to do the actual work of scanning your documents and forwarding your service of process to you. There’s no need to hire a website that will have to turn around and hire a local California Registered Agent like us.

Registered Agent Service for California Companies:

As your California registered agent, we include all of the following in our $50 per year service package:

  • Instant Service: Signup in Under 5 Minutes
  • Secure Online Client Account to Store and Manage Your Service of Process
  • Use of Our Commercial Office on California Business Filings
  • Round-the-Clock Compliance Monitoring
  • Same-Day Document Scans of All Your Legal Correspondence
  • Immediate Notification for All Service of Process
  • No Hidden Fees or Per Doc Charges
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Reliable Customer Service From California Business Experts

Why a Scrivener is Your Smartest Choice:

We’re Legal Scriveners. We own it. It’s what we do.

We’re not software developers, so we sub-contract with a software development company that provides software to the incorporation industry. When you hire us, you’ll have a secure online dashboard where you’ll see all the documents we get for you, statement of information reminders, the status of your company, and you can always add more companies or cancel services.

You get the expertise where you need it the most: your corporate filings and your legal documents.

You get over a decade of experience for the same price we charged in 2006 when we opened our doors:  $50 a year.

The Legal Scrivener Guarantee

We guarantee our service as your California registered agent. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our service, you may cancel by contacting us and letting us know that you are dissatisfied. We have no cancellation fees.

Our rates stay the same year to year. We never suck you in with “introductory rates” only to jack up the price next year. And we don’t have “per document fees” either. We charge you $50 a year. That’s it.